Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The effects of War.....Drama

On tuesday, my class (siochain) when to Mullingar to compete in a T.Y. drama competition.
Just about 2/3 months ago in religion class our teacher told us she would like us to compete this competition.  We split into two groups based on a background idea war and homelessness because we learnt about about these topics in religion class. I joined the was group.

We decided to go with the effects of was instead of just the war. We began. brainstorming ideas. We basically very simply from when one of the girls said she wanted to die and another girl wanted to kill her lol :) :) :)

One and two girls decided to take our ideas and to the write the actual play/drama.
We began with a the basic script and added and changed it. We practiced for many weeks and eventually were ready to go! Are play was about how the effects of war are never ending. In the play we had one scenes where a therapist talks to people about their experience and effect of the war. After they talk they have flash backs about these experiences. I played a pregnant wife who finds out her husband has died in war :)

On the day everyone was very nervous but excited! We watched some of the other schools and practiced our own. We then all went to mc donalds as a class together that was great fun.

Our group went first out of our school. It was really good fun and it went very fast. All went well and I enjoyed it!!! :) :)
This is the stage we performed on
We will find out soon whether we get through to cork the all Irelands!!

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