Friday, 8 March 2013

Lollipop Day!!!

About 2 weeks ago all T.Y. went  into town to collect money for Oesophageal Cancer. When we got there we  walked to the Powerscourt centre to collect our t-shirts, caps, collection buckets, lollipops and balloons. We then split up into our groups of 4 and went to our collection points doted around the city centre  myself, Katie, Orla, Orlaith were near Temple Bar at the Hay Penny bridge. Orlaith and I stood in an arch into temple bar with one bucket. We gave out stickers for any donations  and €2 for a lollipop or badge.
Besides the freezing cold, we really enjoyed ourselves!  People were really generous and interested in what we were collecting for (Oesophageal Cancer).

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