Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hockey Final!

This Wednesday, the senior hockey team (which I am a member of) were in the final of the north side league in Dublin. We were against King's Hospital and playing at home because we won the toss to have it on our home turf. The senior team consists of Tys, 5th years and 6th years.

K.H scored in the first half early on. we had played well but they were on top. At the end of the first haft, everyone was slightly flat and disappointed that we had let in a goal. But we were far from out of it. Everyone really wanted and went back on to the field wanting to score a goal and win this!

About 2/3 minutes into the second half Eimer  scored a goal, to bring us level! Throughout the second we played much better. After 50 minutes the two teams couldn't be separated so we went to extra time, 7 minutes aside. 

Still after the 14 minutes of extra time we were still level. We then went to penalty flicks. 5 girls were chosen to take the penalties!  I was so scared!

 But in the end we Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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