Friday, 14 September 2012

My Second week in TY

Week 2

This has been another fantastic fun fun filled week. I am really settling into my class and ty! Finally we got our junior cert results on Wednesday, i really happy with my results and so glad its all over now! I and other Most people went to time to celebrate our wonderful results! I really enjoyed the night but i'm still tired! :)

This week I have continued working on all the projects we have been given! We are still working on our Junk Kouture and i'm really enjoying that! Im in a group of three and we are making a communication themed dress from recycled materials! Its been really fun we have just finished paper mache-ing our corset. Im the model! I thought I was chosen for my looks but really it was due too my height! Apparently there's less work needed to make a dress for a small person!! :) In science we got into our groups for the young scientist and brainstorming different ideas, Im really liking science this year. Its been very different compared to last year! so much better!!! I have been working on all the other projects that i mentioned in my last weeks blog! I have really got lots done in geography project1 i have decided what countries i would like to go to and have started planning my trip! :)

All the other subjects have been going well and its great doing subjects i haven't done before especially tech! I cant wait till carlingford on Monday!! it should be great fun...!

Until next time............
Alanna :) :) :)

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