Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fun Walk!

Last week, in school we had our yearly fun walk! It was great fun as usual :) Every class must pick a song with a theme of friendship (because it was anti-bulling week) and make up a dance and dress up if they want.
Each year also gets a colour T.Y were yellow.

My class (Síocháin) decided to dress up as yellow Lego and dance to "hey ya". We made up are dance and practised hard for two weeks and were finaly ready for Friday. Everyone in the class got an old box and painted it yellow and either drew circles or placed toilet roles on the box to make it Lego!The other two classes were bees and yellow pages!

Our class was chose to me the traffic wardens along the walk!

On the Friday every class in every year performed their dances! Everyone was great. Our dance didn't go exactly as planned but we had fun! I really enjoyed being a traffic warden funaly enough! The was great fun and full of  laughs!

The winners of each year group were announced our class didn't win but sure its the taking part that counts!!!!! :D

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