Friday, 16 November 2012

Let the Skyfall...

Last Friday all TYs set off to the cinema in Nass for our second mini company workshop. When we got there we were waiting around for a while and were wondering what the the delay was. then a women came in and said that Orla (the women giving the talk) had unfortunatelybeen taken into hospital this morning so the workshop was to be cancelled.
We all thought that we had to go back on the bus and head back to school. But then she said that they were going to let us watch a movie....SKYFALL the new James Bond Movie. We were delighted we started to scream and clap! I really had wanted to go see it! :)
The movie was amazing, I really enjoyed it! It was the first Bond film I had seen in a while do that made it even better.
Then we got another surprise.....
On the way out a women was standing outside handing out goodie bags with popcorn,sweets, a Madagascar beaker and a free drink!!!!! This finished the day off nicely.
This had to have been the best day so far in TY; free cinema and food :)

The names Bond James Bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Until next time..
Alanna :)

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