Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Choir and Orchestra

This year I decided I'd join choir for the first time! I haven't got a great voice but I love to sing so i said id give it a try! Practise is every Tuesday at lunch with the two music teachers!

For the first few weeks we just did Mass songs for the Opening School Mass! That was great fun because i new most of the songs and they were lively and upbeat. The mass went really well and everyone song their hearts out :)

At the moment there are no up coming school masses which means that we focus most of our time on the piece we are entering into the Wesley. The song we are learning is called "Caresse sur l'ocean." It is a bit difficult to learn as it is in French  and i have never don French but we are staring to get our heads around it. we are putting in extra practices when we can after school! So far we have just got the start of it but we are making great progress!!!
Here is a video of the song! (How the song is supposed to sound) .
We will prob start working on some Christmas carols in a few weeks which will be fun!!! (:

At the moment in orchestra we are working on a piece called the 'Toy Symphony'! I have been in orchestra since First year and i play the clarinet! So as you might guess i am playing the clarinet part with two others! Its a really fun piece to play there is even somebody playing the bird whistle which i had never heard of till we started this piece! we have only done the start of it so far! I think it is for Music Night! I love being part orchestra and i cant wait till we sart Christmas carols which like the choir will start in a few weeks (bit early yet)!! :) 

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