Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mini Company Workshop!!

About two fridays' ago everyone in TY went to the first of three workshops organised by Kildare Enterpise Board at Storm Cinema in Naas. There was also 3 other schools from Kildare at the work experience. The workshop was presented by a lady called Orla who gaves us ways of coming up with ideas for our Mini companies. She showed us some of the winning companies from perious years which was very interesting to see the ideas they came up with. She also mentioned a group from our school which won a few years ago. She taught us about working in a team and the roles that must be undertaken. After the workshop the teachers (kindly) brought us to Lidl in Clane! Which was kind of werid but great at the same time! ;) It was really funny watching 80 girls going into Lidl! Everyone bought the cheapest sweets they could find! My friend even bought a carton of milk!!! lol :) :)

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