Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Trip Around the world!!!!!

Well even though I like to think I am actually going on a trip around the world its really only a geography project!

The brief for this project was to plan a trip around the world. We have to go to two 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries in a year on a budget of  €12'000! We have to have all information like flights, accommmadation etc!
My plan was to visit Canada, Germany, Kenya, Peru, Croatia and Bosnia! its been difficult but really fun at the same time! I have loved reseaching places to visit in all the countries. The only problem is I actually want to go on this trio now! :)
Its been great working on this project but there is actually so much involed in completing! I have bee researching and doing mine for the past 7 weeks! It has to be in on Friday so everyone is paniking trying to get it all finished.I cant wait to see evreyones completed projects!! :)
Until next time.....Alanna :)

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