Wednesday, 24 October 2012


This is my First ever year doing Technology, So its been a whole new experience for me! I don't think I had even been in the tech. room before this year :) On the first day, we were shown around and given the rules of the tech. room! Then we were told we are making key ring  first and then a clock!!! After this we are going to enter an international competition that's all about designing a F1 car..!

I have finished making my key ring its made from blue plastic. It turned alright but certainly wasn't the best in the class!! lol I enjoyed making it i wasn't exactly brilliant! But hey i did it!!!
We have begun working on our clocks which has been a little easier than the key ring (I'm not saying its good now!) Its probably because I'm getting used to tech! Its made from Pink plastic and I'm thinking about doing a ladybird for the design on the front

We have left the clocks for a few weeks to work on the F1 competition! Basically the project is all about designing a formal 1 car and writing a report on it then entering it in to a competition. Only two groups get through from each school so we will have to work hard to even get through from our school. I am in a group of five and I'm am the Team manager!

This week was only our first week working on it so we haven't done much! We have come up the name for our car (crescendo) and are working on the logo!
This is one of the projects that I'm really excited about :)
Until next time......

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