Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Spanish In T.Y.

This year in Spanish class it has been very different than before! not only do I have a new teacher but also we are doing things you wouldn't do if you were in an exam year!

Each week we watch a half an hour of the movie "El Bola1". This movie is quit sad and depressing but still really interesting. Its about a young boy living in a disadvantaged area in Madrid! I missed the last Thursday when the class watched it and apparently a lot happened so I have to catch up!

We have done a "mini" project on Our favourite film (Mi pelicula favorita). Myself and another girl in my class did ours on Dirty Dancing! Its all finished now and hanging on the back wall of the Spanish room!

We have also learnt loads on different Spanish directors! Which has been really interesting. we have improved on loads of areas which we had done in Junior Cert Spanish! I am really enjoying TY Spanish at the moment.

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